Top Ten Foods to Stock Up on

Top Ten Foods to Stock Up on

Basic grocery items that you should buy and keep in bulk.

My household goes through a lot of food on any given day and there are some items I like to keep stocked up. These foods are not only nutritious and filling, but most are good for storing long term. All of the foods in my top ten are also great items to have extra of in case of emergency situations.

1. Rice. This is a great filler food that is easy to cook and flavor to your liking. Store this in air tight containers or the bugs will get in.

2. Peanut Butter. This is a perfect food because a little goes a long way. It is high in calories, fat and protein, and nearly everyone loves peanut butter! This is an item you will need to rotate frequently. Only keep on hand what you can consume in a year or so and watch your dates.

3. Beans. Not a very glamorous food, but very nutritious and filling. Beans have a long shelf life but I suggest storing in air tight containers.

4. Canned meat. I’m hesitant to include this one on the list because I’m vegan…but the rest of my household isn’t so this needs to make the list. I keep plenty of cans of sausages, tuna and spam around for my carnivores. I include this on the list as a good emergency type food that has a lot of protein and in some cases fat and calories. Canned meat has a long shelf life, but always check labels and rotate as needed.

5. Coffee. This is an important one and you know what I mean if you drink coffee! I stock up on coffee when it is on sale because it is one of the higher priced items on my grocery list. Coffee is a natural stimulant that has benefits if consumed in moderation. Coffee also has a long shelf life and many brands come packaged for long term storage.

6. Canned fruit. This is an easy one, and its a good idea to store a fair amount of it. I keep plenty of canned fruit for a few reasons. Fruit is nutritionally necessary. You could live without it I suppose, but your body won’t be very happy about it. I also store canned fruit in bulk because the price can go up or down really fast. You never know what the next growing season will be like.

7. Canned veggies. I store canned veggies for all of the same reasons that I store canned fruit.

8. Vegetable shortening. I stock up on this because it is a cooking and baking necessity and it can be a little expensive. I always stock up when I come across a good deal. Shortening has a longer shelf life than oil. Although I keep plenty of both on hand, I store more shortening for this reason.

9. Flour. This is one I really stock up on when I find a sale, because I use a lot of. It will store a long time if you are careful. I suggest freezing your flour thoroughly before storage and then put it in air tight containers. The freezing will kill any bugs that may have gotten in.

10. Sugar. I stock up on this one for most of the same reasons I stock up on flour. I use a lot of it and it can be a little expensive if you don’t catch it on sale. I also find that I have more motivation to bake during the winter holidays, if I keep plenty of sugar, flour and shortening on hand.

As mentioned a few times, the most important part to long term food storage is rotation and watching your labels.

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Top Ten Foods to Stock Up On

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